Transport constructions - designing

  • Railways – new track and modernization for higher and high speed, all parting railways including hybrid parting
  • Rail stations, rail junctions and classification stations including declining hill knolls and their dynamic appraisal
  • Business parks
  • Combined transport terminals, logistic centers, container tranship centres
  • Rail under-surface objects (culverts, bearing and approach retaining walls, draining devices etc.)
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Roads, Access ways, internal enterprise ways, built-up areas
  • Crane rails
  • Rail and road scales
  • Moving rail devices
  • Transhipment devices (side and front platforms, rotary wagon dumps, deep chambers, thawing channels etc.)
  • Civic transport devices and untraditional transport kinds (earthbound and suspension cable ways, rack-railways, etc.)
  • Make out of situations for work siding agreement
  • Complex documentations solving ecology problem in conservation point of view
  • Ecological survey of  rafter bearing
  • Rafter bearing capacity
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